There are fewer than 200 years of human history existing in film photographs. As an image-maker and storyteller, I feel a keen sense of responsibility when it comes to preserving it and making it more accessible to future generations.

Such a personal project requires a personal touch, so I’m here to handle your heirloom photographs with the love and care they deserve.

We create high-quality digital files from your antique photo albums for restoring, archiving, printing, sharing, and to reduce wear and tear on your priceless originals. Once that is done, there is a wealth of options with which to create and share your history, if you wish. I can help you create a quality archive so your family can always exist in images.


High-resolution scanning is the one crucial task required to archive your legacy photographs. I offer 1200 dpi scans in format that doesn’t degrade over time and use, and I can digitize negatives and slides, as well as prints. When you have the digital file, you’ll no longer need to subject your delicate items to unnecessary handling whenever someone wants a new copy.


If your favorite photo has been damaged over the years, I can help.  Rips, stains, dust, scratches, and fading can be digitally repaired, and I can bring out details that you never realized were there. There are many levels of restoration, and I can help you decide what’s best for your needs and your budget.


Some prints really deserve to come out of the shoebox and be hung on the wall.  A life story can be shared online in an album or a video portrait. A coffee table book puts your family history at your fingertips. You’ll be able to share online and duplicate as much as you like, so everyone has a beautiful, quality copy of their own.

Complete Inventory Scanning

If you have a large collection, especially negatives or slides, and you are overwhelmed at the thought of going through everything, there is a solution for you. I can scan all images at a medium resolution to provide you with a full digital inventory.  From there, you can choose any special images for a full-resolution or scan and restoration treatment.

These quicker scans run about 50 cents per image at a medium resolution.

Selective, High-Res Scanning

There is treasure to be found in shots that aren’t photographically perfect, and only you can determine which images have value for you. With this option, you sort through them yourself and select the images that you want archived at highest quality. This way, you don’t waste any time or money having every random snapshot processed. 

These scans take more time, and cost $1 per image for very high resolution.

For automated dust removal, add 50 cents.



Restoration is limited by the photographic quality of the original image, but you would be surprised at how much detail can be brought out with a quality scan and a little bit of color and contrast correction.

Beyond that, there are many levels of restoration work, from simply removing some dust and scratches, to reconstructing an image that has been ripped or stained.

Consultations are free, so let me know what you’re thinking, and I’ll help you find a solution that is right for you.

Video Portraits

A family slideshow isn’t just for funerals, anymore.  Everyone wants to share online these days, and video portraits are one of my favorite ways to do it!  I create high-definition videos that can contain both still images and motion pictures. They can be uploaded to your favorite streaming service (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook) as well as copied to DVD to display on a larger screen.

Videos can be as short or long as desired, and can feature a single person’s lifetime, travelogue the family vacation,  or illustrate the story of an entire family. The end result belongs to you to display, share, and duplicate without restriction.

Contact Me

There is no charge or obligation to talk with me about your project.  Feel free to contact me to ask questions, or set up a consultation to discuss how I can help you preserve your history.

The best way to make initial contact with me is via email.

The only spam deterrent that works right now is to ask you to type this address manually into your email form, and I really appreciate your patience with that. 

colleen (at) existinimages (dot) com